Today was more interesting than others: met Joan Osato director of BNV, disposed of the rat that scared the Mural Arts kids (including their teachers haha), was taught to play guitar by an 11y/o from the youth program, got 3rd place in my office’s world cup bracket, had Honey’s w/my SO, connected with someone on okc, had a somewhat-15-minutes-of-fame on tumblr, got hit on by a guy on the el where at every stop he moved closer and closer until he could say something to me, walked by construction workers who stopped working to holler at me, watched Korra, and ate chinese and cherries. 

How do you like the D5100?

It’s really great. I really only recreationally use it though, but I love shooting with 50mm lens. 

Damn, I didn’t know people actually paid attention to my tumblr. I just saw a rant about my comment on north philly. Here’s an open letter to you since you were kind enough to keep me anon. 

But then again do you even know my life here? I’m really sorry that you had to experience the deaths of so many friends, really I am. You’re right, it’s pretty fucked up to use ‘kiladelphia’ I also don’t doubt there are great people here. My neighbors are great. And you’re definitely right that there are good and bad people everywhere, in every part of the city, not excluding w.philly. However, it’s definitely not fun getting punched in the face by some high school kids who thought it would be cool, it’s not fun getting cat called and harassed by strangers, it’s not fun getting frequent notifications from your school telling you about shootings down your street, it’s not fun getting your property damaged for no apparent reason, it’s not fun having racial slurs thrown at you even if I’m a POC too, it’s not fun watching these things happens to fellow friends as well. I never said I hated n.philly. I said I hate living here, where part of it stems from the dangerous-ness, and honestly the other part is that it’s further from my loved ones than I’d like. My refugee parents did not move us out of n.philly when I was a kid because they thought it safe. My brother nearly died as a kid. My parents weighed the pros and cons and decided, hmm maybe it’s not a good choice to bring up our kids here if we’re able have the opportunity to live somewhere a bit safer. A lot has changed in the past 20 yrs but parts of the cycle goes on and on. 

I love my city I really do. I want to see her grow into a greater city where every walk of life is benefitted and wants to benefit. But there’s still a lot of change to be had. For the time being, I’m sure n.philly is not my #1 choice of real estate, and who knows if w.philly is any better (well I must somewhat know, I spend a good part of my time working there/interacting there). However, the reality is that I will continue to use those spaces and try to thrive. I hope I was able to make my point understandable. 

I hate living in north philly. You can’t just walk around outside in search of food without risking your life. Hopefully I can call west philly my new home soon :-) 


Sunday Comic: Ask Again Later

I still don’t know what I’m doing.
Comic by Kendra.

US poster for DON’T THINK I’VE FORGOTTEN: CAMBODIA’S LOST ROCK’N’ROLL (John Pirozzi, USA/Cambodia, 2014)
Designer: Adrian Curry [see also]
Poster source: Argot Pictures
Watch the trailer

I know it’s not about what you can do for someone.

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Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

"My cat is one of my dearest friends. He’s a proper good little lad. I must admit that I do prefer my cat to most people. People disappoint me all of the time. But my cat is always a great friend. I wish more people were like cats."

Paul McCartney (via acrylicalchemy)
Cool lighting bro

❂❀ bambi • indie ❀❂

"Nobody likes being alone that much. I don’t go out of my way to make friends, that’s all. It just leads to disappointment" -Toru Watanabe, Norwegian Wood

We have a lot in common Watanabe. 

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